Girl looking at the cameraStuttering

Stuttering is a break in the normal flow of speech. Different ways that people stutter include:

  • Stops or blocks (no sound comes out)
  • Repetitions (Wh-wh-wh-what is your name?”)
  • Prolongations of sounds (SSSSSSSit in that chair”) and syllables (“I li-li-like cookies”)

People who stutter also may have abnormal movements in their face, mouth, and body.  This usually happens when they are experiencing difficulty getting words out.

Everyone stutters sometimes and some stuttering is even very common in preschool aged children. Speech Therapy Services can help if stuttering is causing problems communicating effectively. For more information, visit

We can help! Contact Speech Therapy services at 229-246-4088 to find out how your child can be evaluated. Our SLPs can advise whether professional help is indicated and how to arrange for assistance.  The SLP can also give you guidance or provide services to help prevent, minimize, or eliminate a fluency disorder.  Early help is especially important for more severe problems.