Feeding and Swallowing

therapist feeding a baby

Feeding and Swallowing Problems in Children

Children can have trouble eating for many reasons. They may have a problem at birth getting liquid into their mouth to suck. Feeding problems can develop later with the child exhibiting difficulty chewing or swallowing different consistencies of food. They may refuse food or gag on specific textures. These are referred to as feeding problems.

Swallowing problems happen when children can’t control the food or liquid in their mouth and throat.  They may cough, choke, or run out of air when eating.  You may hear this called dysphagia (dis-FAY-juh). We as SLPs can help at any stage. Contact Speech Therapy services at 229-246-4088 to find out how your child can be evaluated. Our SLPs can advise whether professional help is indicated and how to arrange for assistance.

For more information in pediatric feeding and swallowing problems, visit ASHA.