Empowering Families

Therapist with child and mother laughing and clapping


Empowering families by incorporating immediate family and caregivers in therapy is an important component of our therapy. We also collaborate with other healthcare and educational providers to optimize outcomes. Our therapy provides an opportunity for the parent or caregiver to acquire the skills to facilitate carryover in the home environment. At Speech Therapy Services, P.C. we are dedicated to arming caregivers with the tools to assist in this carryover. We strongly believe,”There’s No App to Replace Your Lap”. We believe that language is best acquired through hearing words while sitting in the lap of their caregiver. To promote this vital exchange, STS has initiated a “Book for Every Child” initiative. STS provides age appropriate books to our patients and their families with the hope that these books will promote language acquisition through reading while replacing screen time.  Books are generously donated by like minded members of our community who want to help promote language acquisition of our children. If you have gently used children’s books that you would like to share, please contact us at 229-246-4088 or drop them by our office at 502 South Wheat Ave. Bainbridge, GA.